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No Downtime Peels

L-Lactic Hydration Peel

Gradually, in 3-6 treatments results in improved health and appearance to the skin.

From $85.00

The Tomato Peel

Balance oil production, eliminate and control acne lesions, lighten pigmented skin.

From $75.00

Glycolic Treatment

High powered glycolic, no burn, sting or itch. Series price includes home care products.

From $85.00
series of 5 from $525.00

Papaya Glycolic

Softens pores and lines. Booster peel.

From $75.00
series of 6 from $390.00

Papaya Peel

Get rid of tired, dry skin with the power of papaya enzymes.

From $65.00

Acne Tune-Up Peel

Dry and heal current acne lesions, prevent future occurrences.

From $110.00

PCA Peel

Light sloughing of skin, controls oil, softens lines and texture. Great for hyperpigmentation and spots on the skin.

From $85.00
series of 4 from $300.00

Aloe Micropeel

Milder than glycolic. Refreshen and brighten.

From $75.00
series of 4 from $260.00

Pumkin Peel

Good for skin needing nutrients.

From $65.00

Mid-Depth Peels
The Melanin Lift

Lighten discoloration making skin tone more even..

From $1255.00

The Detox Peel

Control and heal acne, balance oil activity, loosen skin impurities for easier extractions.

From $95.00

The Purple Peel

Control oil gland activity, remove blockages with brisk exfoliation, encourage lesion healing.

From $125.00

Oxygenation Peel

Ideal for asphyxiated dry skin, piment disorder, acne scarred skin. Dead skin removed during treatment.

From $125.00
series of 4 from $380.00

Ultra Peel

This peel effectively treats acne, pigment disorder, aging skin and photo-damaged skin.

From $125.00
series of 4 from $380.00

Surpa Peel

This peel is for sensitive skin. Effectively treats acne, pigment disorder, aging skin and photo-damaged skin.

From $125.00
series of 4 from $380.00

Deep Peels
L- Acid

Stimulate and encourage new cell regenerations. Smooth and soften lines, improves tone and health of skin.

From $500.00

Jessner Peel

Diminish and smooth fine lines. Soften scar tissue, control acne condition. Outcome of this peel is improved acne scarring, discoloration, fine lines and healthy glow.

From $500.00

Non-Resorcinol Peel

Reserved for special skin unable to receive Jessner peel with the same results.

From $500.00

TCA Peel

Refine and diminish fine lines and scar tissue. Improve skin tone and elasticity with a youthful glow.

From $650.00

Enzyme Peels

Ask for your esthetician’s recommendation from pepsin and papain, tomato, pumkin, lactose peptides and H202 emulsion.

From $50.00 / $85.00